What’s In My Beach Bag?

Whether you’re planning on spending the entire day at the beach with friends, or just going for a quick dip, you’re most definitely going to want to have these summer beach essentials in arms length. If you’re anything like me, and enjoy spending hours on end relaxing with the warm summer sun on your back, whilst reading your favourite book with the ocean breeze on your face, these items will allow you to spend the entire day by the waters edge until the sun goes down. 

Beach bag: First of all, a beach bag is a huge necessity, as you can throw everything in it without struggling to carry it all by hand from the car, especially if there are crowds and you have to park miles away. 

A cute bikini: Who doesn’t want to feel good at the beach. I’m sure you all have people watched and choose out your favourite bikini from people walking past. With all the surf brands now, you won’t have much trouble finding a cute summer bikini that you love! 

A straw hat: not only gives off the ultimate summer vibe, but it protects your face from the harmful sun rays.

Sunscreen: We all love the perfect summer glow, but it is important to be sun-smart, especially if you’re spending hours down at the beach. Sunscreen with SPF 30 will still give you a nice bronzed tan, and prevent you from the embarrassment of looking as red as a lobster. Make sure you also have SPF lip-balm handy, as no one likes chapped or even worse, burnt lips.

Towel: Choosing the perfect towel can be more difficult than you think, as you want to make  sure you have one big enough so that you aren’t lying half in the sand. I tend to go for the Turkish towels as they’re light weight, can easily fit in your bag, and don’t take half the beach with them when you leave. 

Sunglasses: Are also super important to not only protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays, but also so you can read your book without squinting, and able to watch the surfers.

Water bottle: Staying hydrated whilst in the sun is also super important, so make sure you bring an insulated eco friendly water bottle so that your water stays cool and you stay hydrated. 

Snacks: I always like to take some snacks down just incase I get a bit peckish. Healthy snacks like bliss balls, granola bars, nuts and seeds are easy to take, don’t melt in the sun and are a delicious treat!

Entetainment: Keep yourself entertained by bringing your favourite book to read, some earplugs to listen to music, or if your with friends bring a speaker so you can listen to your favourite songs together! 

Outfit: A cute little loose summer dress is the perfect outfit for your day out to the beach. No one enjoys trying to put on denim shorts or skirt after being sticky from sunscreen and salty from the water. A dress is the easiest and most practical outfit, and super cute too! Style it with some slip on sandals or good ol’ Aussie thongs to achieve the perfect summer look. Don’t forget a scrunchie too, it’s perfect for taming your hair from being in your face, and stops you from overheating while lying in the sun. 

So there you have it! My Summer beach bag essentials that I guarantee will make your time at the beach more relaxing and enjoyable. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, and look forward to sharing more with you all in the future! 

Mollie xo 

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