Throughout the process of creating my introductory video, I wanted to show a few key aspects of my life, being my career goals, my love for travel, and my hobbies of health and fitness. By focusing on these areas, it allowed me to talk freely about my passions and things that I am genuinely interested in. 

The audience I was aiming my video at, would be people with a love for travel, health and fitness. I wanted to display to my audience that I was being true and as as authentic as possible, which I believe I did as I spoke directly at the lens the entire time, and was trying to address the audience at the beginning and the end of the video. 

I wanted to reflect my true, authentic self throughout this video by speaking in a calm tone, talking naturally, and being enthusiastic about my topics, with minimal editing. In upcoming videos I will most likely be talking about travel, health and fitness, so therefore this video was a good introduction to show what content I will most likely be posting in the future. 

In preparation for this video, I started by planning what I was going to write about, and what messages I wanted to send to my audience. This was really beneficial to stay on track, and not feel lost or confused. I then decided to write a rough script to help guide the video, and allow time to fit all my topics into the 2 minutes. I also wrote down a few locations for shot composition where I thought would best reflect my personality in the background. I then set up a location at each room and decided which one had the best lighting and background to suit me. I also grabbed furniture from around the house, and repositioned plants and artwork to fit in the background. I also set up a lamp to shine on my face to highlight that I was the main feature of the video. I ensured that before I filmed, no one else was in the house so there was no background noise, and no one could walk in while I was filming, to keep the video from having any distractions. 

I filmed on my iPhone, which allowed me to display the rule of thirds, to make sure I alined myself up with my eyes on the top line, and intersecting with the right vertical line, to prevent the audience from feeling claustrophobic, and to not have my head cut off in the frame. By sitting down, It allowed the audience to feel like we were having a conversation, rather than me standing with my entire body, lecturing the audience. I also looked directly into the lens to allow the audience to feel included, and as though I was talking to them rather than getting distracted by the things around me.I made sure that throughout the video, I had a clear, strong voice and pronounced my words to prevent from confusion and make it easier to listen to.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed creating this video, It was a lot harder than I expected it to be, and took a lot more takes and filming to get the right shot. I struggled with looking into the camera lens the whole time, as I would loose focus and sometimes go off track, however I kept persisting and with practice I finally got it! 

I was a bit shy and awkward filming myself at the beginning as it’s not something I am used to, but through practicing and rehearsing, and many takes, I felt more confident and natural. 

Stay posted for some more videos coming soon!!

Mollie Quinn

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