Hi! I’m Mollie, a blonde, 19-year-old Aussie girl who is lucky enough to live on the pristine coast of the Great Ocean Road. I am currently in my first year of University and am an aspiring journalist who’s dream is to be a TV presenter.  

​Since embarking on my recent adventures around the world for 5 months last year, I have discovered a huge passion for travel and finding new places in the world. It is hard to believe how beautiful this world really is!  

I love the outdoors, whether it be by the beach or on top of a mountain, and am a huge fitness and health enthusiast. I love keeping myself active each day and cooking healthy meals to keep my body functioning! Let’s be honest, who has time to get sick?

By creating Drift Away I am hoping to inspire others to find a love for travelling, and also try to live a healthier lifestyle.

Mollie xo